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Ashland Oregon's Source for Chicken and Pork

Rethink your relationship with MEAT

Fresh. Local. CONSCIOUS.



Uproot Meats. Ashland Oregon’s source for heritage chicken and pork.

Our animals are free ranged on native oak woodland hillside with absolutely no corn, soy, GMO’s, or pesticides.

We work directly with local farmers to source the most sustainable feed and hand mill onsite weekly.  Our farm feasts on Rogue Creamery's certified organic whey and organic kelp along with organically farmed Oregon peas, rice, alfalfa and flax seed, and Northern California sunflower seeds and walnuts.

The distinct richness, bold physical appearance and flavor of our meat depicts the rogue tale rooting back centuries from its European descent.

Our mission is to make the world a better place by raising unforgettable food with a conscience.

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  Use coupon code GETYOURXMASON to save $50  expires 12/31 11:59PM

Use coupon code GETYOURXMASON to save $50 expires 12/31 11:59PM

Best pork and chicken EVER, perfectly raised by Uproot so the animals have a great life and we can all enjoy a healthy and delicious dinner.
— Dr. Deborah Gordon